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Since the invention of the automotive they have become increasingly more luxurious. The crowning achievement of vehicular comfort, of course, is temperature control. Driving without air conditioning is incredibly uncomfortable, especially in Parkland where the temperatures outside can become incredibly hot. At North Springs Japanese Car Care, we know how important it is to be comfortable when driving. That is why we offer Parkland drivers comprehensive temperature control maintenance and repair – no matter where their car was made.

Common Causes of A/C Problems

Our Repair and Service Inspections

Whether your vehicle is American made or a Japanese import model, we are able to provide full air conditioner repairs and maintenance for each of our clients. Each of our inspections begin with an analysis of your temperature components including:

Keeping Your Ride Cool

The thing that separates a luxury car from an economy vehicle is how comfortable it is. Having a functioning air conditioner is an absolute necessity when it comes to the comfort of your vehicle. At North Springs Japanese Car Care, we understand the need for a temperature controlled vehicle. That’s why we consistently provide the highest quality repairs and maintenance service for each of our Parkland clients.

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